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Propranolol er generic ? Answer: Dr. B.: Brandt. Dr. B.: Yes, ma'am, that's so. Now, you do know this drug is available if you have hypertension, is there not? Dr. B.: I think do, and it's available, my patients would make any decision they deemed appropriate. Now, to see whether you would purchase with this type of a risk, we're talking $60 dose, would that be affordable in your practice? Dr. Brandt: Well, again, I could not determine what your level of care was, but it would certainly depend on the cost of medication, and it is our standard of care because there is some risk. The important thing is, you take a look at risk-screening, the other doctors who should be taking this. And with the standard Buy lasix injection of care, there is no increased level of risk, and the price we would charge is the lowest price available. It would be a non-standard of care, just as you are proposing. Dr. J.-F.: I'd add something to this, Dr. B.: I don't have the benefit of a personal experience, but my understanding is that this product available internationally, and the price is very reasonable. Dr. B.: Not necessarily. I would have to look at the pricing guidelines that would be specified in any transaction order to determine whether or not our cost would be acceptable. Dr. J.-F.: I would add another thing. Dr. Brandt, as we know, is an advocate of the right amount. You may or not be an advocate of the time required to give medication for proper dosing. Would you be willing to take that time as part of the decision to purchase, or would you still make that determination? Dr. B.: That will depend a lot on the practice of physician, but there would be a lot--I mean, it would depend on how many doses that we would have to give and the amount of time energy required to have do that. Dr. J.-F.: We could come back and look to the question maybe come up with a better solution, but that seems to be the typical case, I would think, between you and your husband. On what we know so far Dr. J.-F.: OK, so after asking all this, based on our knowledge, it's clear that there is a lack of transparency and the information that Dr. Brandt is providing doesn't tell us everything that would be helpful for us to make a decision -- Dr. M.: J-F., I agree with what everyone has said. Dr. Brandt been a friend. He was at your hospital. We were hospital before he moved to other duties. Let me just say again, we hope that his answer is satisfactory; it's the first time we've asked him, given that he is a very busy physician, to comment on this, so we are hopeful that will see him in person. On your personal background Dr. M.: I also found it interesting because as I was going through the questions and as I was having difficulty with answering the questions, Dr. Brandt said something else about the personal history of you both. He referred to as being very well respected. I think this is what she said, Dr. B: "...we've been friends, and you have always been as honest you could be with us and one of our colleagues still come out with an answer." So this is someone who has an appreciation and a love for your ability to treat this disease. The two you are going to be working in collaboration on, I think are going to allow you use this work as a learning experience. As for myself, there were a few situations that cropped up when we were conducting these experiments, particularly those I experienced, that suggested you may be somewhat in favor here. On a personal note- Dr. B.: On a personal note? Dr the Doctor: On a personal note, as far I'm concerned. On not being prepared... Dr. M.: On being prepared in a way, you know, the rest of us, I think there are some issues we had to come up with in some cases, as well. I think there are some people whose anxiety level is pretty high, and we had to kind of back track. On using a placebo in clinical setting... Dr. M.: The problem is that most of the time, we give medication, and it's the wrong medication. And I think that you, you are a fine fellow, and you have our greatest respect, but I would hope, after a while, people would realize what exactly we are trying to.

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